Weihao Yu (余伟浩)
Weihao Yu (余伟浩)


I am a PhD student in LV Lab, National University of Singapore, supervised by Prof. Xinchao Wang and Prof. Jiashi Feng. Before that, I obtained my M.Eng. degree in HCP-I2 Lab, Sun Yat-sen University, advised by Prof. Liang Lin. I obtained my B.S. degree in Opto-Electronics major (Physics-EE-related) at South China Normal University, working with Prof. Dongmei Deng and Prof. Yafei Yu. I was born in Shantou, Guangdong, China.

Email: weihaoyu6@gmail.com / weihaoyu@u.nus.edu
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Education and Work Experience

2020 -
PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering
National University of Singapore

2019 - 2020
Research Assistant in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
National University of Singapore

2017 - 2019
M.Eng. degree in Software Engineering
GPA: 88.0 / 100
Sun Yat-sen University

2013 - 2017
B.S. degree in Opto-Electronics Information Science and Engineering
GPA: 4.08 / 5 (90.8 / 100), Ranking: 1 / 82 (in major class); 1 / 189 (in similar major classes)
South China Normal University

Selected Honors

National Scholarship (top 0.5%), 2015

First Prize Scholarship (top 2%) of South China Normal University, 2013-2017 (for four consecutive years)

Scholarship of China Telecom, All-China Students’ Federation & China Telecom, 2016


My Google Scholar profile
* denotes equal contribution

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