Weihao Yu (余伟浩)

Weihao Yu

  • PhD student at LV Lab, National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Supervisor: Prof. Xinchao Wang
  • Research interests: Computer Vision, NLP, Multimodal AI
  • Languages: Teochew, Mandarin, English, C, Python
  • Emails: weihaoyu6@gmail.com   weihaoyu@u.nus.edu
  • Links: [Google Scholar] [GitHub] [LinkedIn] [X (Twitter)]
  • Weihao Yu is currently a PhD student at NUS and was a research intern at Amazon AWS AI Lab, Microsoft Azure AI, and Sea AI Lab. His work MetaFormer proposes the hypothesis "MetaFormer is actually what you need" to challenge the common belief "Attention is all you need", and builds an extremely simple model PoolFormer to verify it. He, fortunately, received academic awards such as Snap Research Fellowship and Google TRC Researcher Spotlight.
  • May 2024: I'm currently on the job market and would appreciate any job recommendations suitable for me. Thank you!


Google Scholar

MambaOut: Do We Really Need Mamba for Vision?
Weihao Yu, Xinchao Wang
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MetaFormer Baselines for Vision
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Chin. Phys. B, 2016